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Q: Why doesn't my friendly hardware store make key 's that work?
A: They do the best they can, but usually it is improperly calibrated key machines that cause the problems. We calibrate all of our key machines to within one thousandth of an inch precision.

Q: My car key is worn so badly, it won't hardly work.
A: We can look at your key and decipher the cuts. Then we cut a new key "by code", thereby restoring your key to factory specs. This solves about 90% of all auto lock and switch problems.

Q: If you replace the Ignition, trunk, or door lock on my car, do I have to use a different key?
A: No, we can key the lock alike to the rest of the vehicle so you will be able to use your original key to work it. One key for the entire vehicle.

Q: What is an “originated key”?
A: We can look at your key and decipher the cuts. Then we cut a new key "by code", thereby restoring your key to factory specs. This solves about 90% of all auto lock and switch problems.

Q: What is a “keyless” deadbolt lock?
A: A keyless deadbolt is a lock that can be locked or unlocked from the inside only, there is no keyed access from the outside.

Q: I just purchased a new home and one of my lock works with a key on both sides. What is the reason for this?
A: Double cylinder deadbolts are used in doors that have glass in or next to them, so no one can break a small window, reach in and unlock your door from the inside.

Q: What are “bump key 's”?
A: These are specially cut key 's that burglars use to defeat a door lock and gain entry. They do work, but not quite as easy as seen on online videos, We do sell “bump-proof” locks and lock cylinders.

Q: I own a rental property and would like to know what the law is so I will be TEXAS HOUSING CODE compliant.
A: You can read our interpretation of it or you can study the 79 pages of it yourself at WWW.STATUTES.LEGIS.STATE.TX.US/DOCS/PR/PDF/PR.92.PDF

Q: I misplaced my only set of key 's, I need key 's to everything. Can you help?
A: Yes we can, we are a full service locksmith. We replace lost key 's for cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, mailboxes, desks, office padlocks, garage, tubular key 's, scooters, antique furniture, safes, and many more applications.

Q: If I see a safe that I like but it has a dial combination, can it be switched to a digital keypad? And vise versa?
A: Conversion kits are available.

Q: Do you sell, deliver, and anchor safes? What if my floor is concrete?
A: We do all of the above, as well as wood base floors too.

Q: I have an unusual looking key that looks like its cut on the side and has no teeth. What kind of key is this and can you duplicate it?
A: This is a commonly called a “laser cut” key. We can duplicate it. These key 's are used in many cars that are equipped with high security locks.

Q: What is a “Fobik Key”?
A: These key 's do not have “blades” but plug into the ignition lock to turn on the vehicle. We can make them too.

Q: Why is my house key so hard to turn?
A: When a key has been copied at a place other than a locksmith shop, the accuracy can suffer greatly. When this happens, the tumblers get in a bind and cause undue wear and tear on the lock cylinder.

Q: What do you mean “rekey”?
A: Rekeying is the removing of the tumblers inside of a lock and replacing them with new tumblers to match a different key.

Q: I need a copy of my car/truck key but I've been told that it's a “dealer only” key. Can you make these?
A: We make most “dealer key 's”. In most cases, faster and less expensive too.

Q: I have a “computer chip” or “transponder” key. Why do you recommend I have three key 's, and why would I want a door only key?
A: On ford and chrysler, it is always best to have 3 programmed key 's at all times because if anything happens to one of your 3 key 's, you can program a replacement key yourself using your 2 existing key 's. If you get down to only one key, we have to hook up diagnostic equipment to program a 2nd key and it costs over twice as much.

Q: What is the best lubricant for my car, truck, house, motorcycle, boat, padlock, and why shouldn't I use graphite?
A: We recommend TRI-FLOW. It is a teflon based lubricant comes in four sizes from 2oz-16oz. It's better than WD-40, which is good, but dries out after a few days. Graphite should never be used because if it too humid, or gets wet, then it turns to mud, gumming up your lock.

Q: Are key hiders (magnetic key cases) safe, and what different types are available?
A: Yes, they are safe. Our key hiders have the strongest hold available. We recommend using the magnetic or velcro key-hiders. In most cases, we can make a "door only" key to open the door but wont start the motor. This will keep you from having to wait outside your car, day or night, waiting for assistance to unlock your car at a much higher cost. Its the best and cheapest insurance you will ever purchase.

Q: My safe has a one hour fire rating. What does this mean?
A: This means the outside of the safe can be at 1250 degrees f. for 1 hr. and the inside temp. will be at 350 degrees f. Paper burns at 451 degrees f.

Q: What are biometric locks?
A: Biometrics is defined as measurements of physical characteristics for personal identification. The most common type is fingerprint recognition.

Q: Someone stole my key 's, how can I make my car and house safe again?
A: In many cases, if your vehicle is equipped with transponder key 's, we can re-program your car to erase the key/s that were stolen so that they will no longer start the vehicle. In vehicles not equipped with transponder key 's, we can change the key that operates the vehicle so the old key 's will no longer work. In the case of your house, we can change the keying of your house locks without replacing them, and give you new key 's. This is called "RE-KEYING".

Q: I have and antique desk, can you make key 's for it?
A: We can make key 's for most of them.

Q: I've just made a copy of my key 's, which one should I use as my primary key?
A: We recommend keeping one perfect key for copying and emergencies only. This way you won't be transferring wear and tear to your copy.

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